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    Magic Power of Universal Healthy Lifestyle
    (James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D., certified urologist, award-winning author, speaker, copywriter

    The messenger of Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle comes to knock at your door. Please open your door to greet, take a look,
    understand, and accept what this messenger can deliver and brings to you.

    Guarantee! All willing persons can and will gain their best possible opportunity to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.

    How can you gain from the Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle?
    Nothing is free. But surely, you will get only what you are willing to put into and work on.

    How should you do? Just practice the Healthy Lifestyle religiously and its magic power will arise for you. The scoop of the Healthy
    Lifestyle comprises the following five ingredients:

    1. Eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don’t let foods control you;

    2. Keep up quality daily mental and physical exercises, but avoid any form of overindulgence and obsession;

    3. Sleep sound and well for at least 6-8 hours every single day;

    4. Meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;

    5. Follow currently available reasonable, realistic medical advice as needed.

    That’s it. It’s simple and clear.

    Why can a healthy lifestyle do so much good for you?
    If you let the Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle rule our life. In turn, it will give you the best possible hope to maintain and sustain a
    free-flowing circulation to bring and distribute all the needed nutrition to nourish all the tissues and organs of your bodies to keep
    your body working in its best possible workable condition.

    What can the Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle bring you?
    Then, as you can imagine, practicing a healthy lifestyle guarantees you:
    Gain more energy and ability to manage the unavoidable long list of relationships with your immediate, intermediate, and distant
    family members, relatives, friends, coworkers, organizations, society, the country, and the world more successfully.

    In short, the Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle can benefit you with the followings:

    1. Maintain and sustain a sure circulation to bring nutrition to nurture tissues and organs;

    2. Generate more energy and ability;

    3. Gain better mental acuity and physical agility;

    4. Make you able to learn more and keep more of what you learn;

    5. Enable you to make good and right decisions and take good and right actions; leading to produce good
        results from what you do for personal and professional chores and task;

    6. Then capture and secure a high sense of comfort and control of life;

    7. Finally, real and real happiness will arrive at your hearts and stay with you forever.

    Naturally, you can climb to a higher mountain top of readiness and preparedness to serve, care, love, talk, and play with your
    families, relatives, friends, coworkers … with better quality and in longer time to come.

    Incidentally, this lifelong passion to go beyond medication and surgery coincides and resonates with a powerful message
    delivered by Dr. Joe Vitale to the American Writer & Artists Inc. (or AWAI) 2007 Bootcamp: Enrich ourselves first so we can help
    others more ….

    Don’t you like it? And that’s obviously within all willing persons’ reach.

    So, practicing quality healthy lifestyle should be not only the very core foundation of health medical care no
    matter who, what, where, and when you are but the key to longevity and happiness.

    Now, just grab and use it for your own good forever. Then an active, vibrant, long, happy life will belong to you.

    Best wishes to your good heath, happy life, and lots of fun in years to come.
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