Why do the public and doctors overlook LUTS until reaching urinary retention -
    even irreversible bladder damage?

    In my >46-year observation, the two are importantly responsible for not seeking timely medical attention as
    1. Slowness and quietness of developing LUTS may have eluded patients' attention for years to decades until
    reaching its ending stage, for which the affected men start seeking medical attention for intolerable or unbearable
    personal inconvenience, embarrassment, and suffering like running to bathroom all the time but with less voided
    urine volume from each voiding, severe slow urine flow, straining to void, incomplete emptying, etc.

    2. Acceptance of slowing urine flow as an aging normalcy has unduly forged and heightened personal
    tolerance to cope with quiet progressive LUTS until....

    Of note, LUTS always takes a period of years to decades to develop without discerning its coming because of not
    feeling any discomfort but quiet slowing urine flow on its path of slowness and creepiness. Hence, the affected
    men would not go to see doctors until accumulating enough amount of personal inconvenience, embarrassment,
    and suffering, and even reaching urinary retention-worse yet, irreversible bladder damage.

    Besides, it is useful to know: Since life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation, we
    have to pay attention to every step of self-care in right way at right time. Being right time and right way is the
    essence of conducting medical practice, which comprises correctly processing a series of decisions-making and
    actions-taking, if one wishes to have a best possible outcome from medical care. To materialize this highly
    effective way of care, we need to pinpoint and treasure the golden time window of care before a disease
    becomes irreversible.

    Unfortunately, some men have been not just fooled by misunderstanding slowing urine flow naturally comes with
    age but also infatuated by magical herbs and pills.

    In life reality,  It is true that slowing urine flow naturally comes with age - often after retirement. Most men and even
    some medical  professionals accept and quietly bear with it because developing slow urine flow is a very
    insidious process without any hurting until its related complications, which may be urinary tract infection, urinary
    retention, kidney damage, etc., emerge along its quiet long path over a period of years and decades.

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