New book seeks to maximize power, benefits of medical care

    "What is Life? To Live A Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life" by Dr. James C. Lin, M.D., provides a strategy to conquer the limits of traditional
    medical care

    SALEM, Va. (MMD Newswire) December 14, 2010 -- It may not be uncommon for a doctor to become burned out with the daily grind of patients,
    bureaucracy and insurance concerns. Dr. James C. Lin, M.D., a certified urologist and leader of a 30-year medical practice since 1980, uses
    his personal and professional revelation to write "What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life" (ISBN 1419619020) to craft a
    system designed to motivate and guide patients to conquer the limits of traditional care.

    "I came to realize that traditional medical care has its limit," says Lin. "It is largely a practice of passive care, over-glorified by the power of
    commercialism, hypocrisy and politics for self-interest. The pressure from the disappointment and frustration I felt by perceiving the limit of
    medical care has inspired me to do more than what medication and surgery can do."

    In "What is Life?," Lin puts forth four pillars that paint a frank, honest picture both of modern medicine and common sense values. First, he
    suggests life is a one-way street from inception to eternity. Next, Lin says people are an accumulation of their own past, including, among
    other things, life experiences and genetic factors. Third, he bluntly suggests there is no magic in life and medicine. Finally, Lin suggests the
    essence of life is universally the same, regardless of race, gender, religion, education or occupation. These realities, Lin says, give the reader
    practical advice they can implement in their daily lives.

    "Clearly, the information will help people figure out what is behind what they see, hear and touch so they can control their own life instead of
    letting something or someone control them," says Lin. "Such an inspired person will become a real free soul of happiness."

    Lin strives to help readers learn how to overcome stress and depression, as well as initiate, maintain and sustain enduring peaceful
    relationships with themselves, their family and their friends by utilizing his four pillars of life

    "What is Life? To Live A Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life" is available for sale online at and other channels.

    About the Author:
    A certified urologist and the leader of a 30-year medical practice since 1980, Dr. James C. Lin, M.D., experienced a recent personal and
    professional epiphany that changed the way he views medicine and personal happiness. Since then, he has written three books extolling the
    virtues of quality direct self-service that instruct the reader on how to maximize the power and benefits of medical care to live a controlled,
    realistic and happy life. Lin's education includes four years in general surgery in Taiwan, one year each at the University of Missouri and
    University of Nebraska Medical Centers and four years at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

    James C. Lin, M.D.
    Phone: (734) 846-2699

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