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    Am I Pregnant?

    This question has been frequently raised by many sexually active men and women, particularly among teenagers or young married
    couples out of uncertainty and fear to become pregnant after "unprotected" intercourse, or from ejaculation at the nearby or vicinity of
    the vagina to soil the underwears just during so-called humping around or at premature ejaculation.  

    The production of next generation, plants or animals alike, naturally takes place some time after eggs and sperms meet at a right
    time in right ways under right circumstances; this process is supposedly processed without interference endlessly until
    environmental depletion and destruction emerge to impair and limit the formation and transportation of eggs and sperms for
    fertilization and re-procreation.

    Despite such a natural occurrence, the requirements for successful fertilization are extremely specific and fastidious. Among various
    species, the study on humans' copulation and fertilization has been most exhausted and understood.

    So, the odd to conceive under the above described scenario should be next to zero since there has been no contraceptive known to
    bring a 100% success but absolute sexual abstinence.

    Nonetheless, still always do HPT (home pregnancy test) in a week after missing the expected period and repeat it in another week if
    the first HPT is negative and still in doubt.

    Besides, it is a good idea to take professional counseling to uplift the standard of safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases
    (STDs) and of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy.  
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