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Dr. Lin's Quest beyond Medication and Surgery               

    from medical students and residents who have worked with him through training rotation

    From (Dr. ) M Zumbo, M-4
    Dr. Lin was a great preceptor!

    In the short time with him, I learned a lot about urology as well as how to promote a healthy lifestyle to patients.  I
    was able to practice my clinical skills and feel confident at the end of the rotation.

    Dr. Lin is very educational and gave great urology lectures during our breaks which I really enjoy. Overall, great
    Her rating on Dr. Lin is as follows:
    1. Has this rotation met your original intended goal in your mind?                                                          9 out of 10.
    2. How about the mini-curriculum as designed and set for you?                                                             9 out of 10.
    3. How is the experience in this rotation compared to others that you have rotated?                        10 out of 10.
    4. How do you assess his knowledge in urology and medicine as well as his skills?                     10 out of 10.
    5. Would you recommend your patients, family, and friends to his care for urological diseases? 10 out of 10.

    Of note, this evaluation and Dr. Lin's evaluation on her are exchanged at the moment when they departed after
    completing the rotation so to minimize and even avoid the personal factors from social engineering or personal
    perception. That is to keep it as objective as possible.

    About Dr. Lin

    Born and educated in Taiwan as
    a MD. Received six-year training
    through the University of Missouri,
    Nebraska, and Michigan Medical
    Centers and became a certified
    urologist in 1980.

    Two years into medical practice,
    he quickly realized the very reality
    and limit of what medicine can do
    for patients and the ill effect of
    commercial and professional
    misleading in life. So, he has
    striven medical care beyond
    medications and procedures, and
    that has worked in many of his
    patients and encounters.

    Website, Book, and Blog:
    To campaign what more could
    be done beyond medication and
    surgery, he has built the websites: and,
    published two books: Perfect Sex
    for men & for the women who love
    them, in 1998, and  What Is Life?
    To Live a Controlled, Realistic,
    Happy Life, in 2011, which has
    earned two awards, blogged posts
    on Live a Long Happy Life, gave
    public speeches on various topics
    related with life, happiness, and
    productivity inside and outside   

    Currently, at age 70, he still works
    as a very busy full-time urological
    surgeon performing a wide range
    of procedures for stones, cancers,
    urine leakage, erectile
    dysfunction,  and many other ....

    Universal Healthy Lifestyle should
    be the core foundation of medical
    care and the very key to longevity.

    The strength and characters of a  
    group represent the ultimate  
    accumulation of the strength and
    characters of its participating

    There is no magic in life. If any,   
    that is to apply currently available  
    knowledge, skill, technology,
    medication, common sense, and
    wisdom at a reasonable time in a
    reasonable way to a reasonable
    person since no one is perfect.

    Despite medical advance, all
    medical care today is still passive
    in approach and indirect in nature.

    Wish and Dream:
    Together, build a Worldwide
    Online Community to March for  
    Long Happy Life for All.  
Universal Healthy Lifestyle
Roadmap to Long Happy Life
Since 1998