The Unique First Step for Peacemaking
    - How to Initiate, Maintain and Sustain an Enduring Peaceful Relationship?

    3. Realizing “What is Life?”

          Despite the difference in time and location, everything we do in life is always a part of life and living at the different levels of personal
    and social scenes. To realize this fact, we need to visualize the real face of what's life as close as possible. The followings are some
    features, facts, and truth of life that I have collected through my personal and professional observation and identification. I feel we need to
    prospectively keep them in mind and tightly guard them against losing our sight of What is Life?

    They are:

    3.1        Life is a short, one-way street. We are only allowed to make a decision and take an action at a moment in a place. As soon as a
                 decision is made and an action is taken, we have to graciously and responsibly embrace its consequence and move on.              

    3.2        Nothing lasts forever but time, space, and potentially, religious eternal life.

    3.3        While we have a right to come on the stage of life to display our value of existence, we also have an obligation to leave there timely
                 and graciously in order to keep the balance and procession of endless recycling of life in check.  

    3.4        Life is merely a constantly adjusting, changing dynamic process of self-service. Therefore, a mechanism to reflect and materialize
                 the need for self-service should be always available; otherwise, unrest will resurface and chaos will ensue.

    3.5        The path of life has never changed over time and location; regardless of race, gender, religion, occupation, or education, it has been
                 the same to fulfill the need for survival, growth, procreation, and continuation, directly or indirectly, through a process of analyzing,
                 dissecting, and summarizing the activities in dealing with fulfillment of searching, improving, and perfecting the matters of food and
                 sex life.

    3.6        We are not born equal but have an equal opportunity to utilize the inborn inner invisible natural resource that comes with life.

    3.7       The fundamental reason for getting or living together, in essence, is to advance and achieve a higher level of self-service which we
                can not have or accomplish it if we live alone. This is applicable to any forms of getting together such as marriage, family, church,
                organization, nation, and the world.  

    3.8        Any biological entity has always to be self-centered and constantly self-serving in order to secure its own survival, growth,
                 procreation, and continuation; so are human beings.

    3.9        No place, person, or circumstance could be perfect. In life, perfection would and will never be, but  perfecting should be; in fact, we
                 are only able to work from imperfection toward perfection.

    3.10      As the former conscientiously courageous US President J. F. Kennedy openly admitted: Democracy is not perfect, there has been
                 no other better system ever invented yet.  In fact, democracy is merely the highest ever sophisticated system for distribution and
                 redistribution of social and political power and resources hoping to assure a harmony in fulfilling the matters for food and sex life for
                 all if any possible. After all, it is still largely under the mercy of smart elite minority of power and in power. Please view 3.11 to follow.

    3.11      An offering of pure kindness and generosity has never really happened and existed; it is merely the byproducts after personal
                 spiritual and physical abundance as well as comfort. Abundance alone is not sufficient for one to offer some share of kindness and
                 generosity and an overall comfort has to be simultaneously in place.

    3.12      The process of life and living requires a continuous flow of delivering spiritual and physical activities; it is driven by the sense of
                 need, that is, what can be good or bad for me?

    3.13      It is absolutely nothing wrong to be self-serving as long as what we get is not at expense of someone's spiritual and physical pain,
                 suffering, and loss. Generally speaking, such an undesirable self-serving is usually accomplished through manipulating others'
                 greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of various forms of power and the disguise of various forms of deception under
                 hidden agenda. This pattern of behaving should be adopted as the general universal principle of act and applied to all the events
                 on all stages of life in the world if we genuinely wish to pursue and create an enduring peace.  

    3.14      While every human being has the right to be self-serving, every human being should carry out his share of obligation to help each
                 other  fulfill the need for self-serving.

    3.15      There has been no free meal or service. Someone has to pay a price somewhere in some way to generate and make the “free”
                 meal or service available. In fact, the advertisement of something free is merely the public ploy of deception; it generates a strong
                 negative impact on the effect of education.

    3.16      Understand the inevitable relationship between an individual and the world: The strengths and characters of any groups such as
                 families, churches, institutions, companies, organizations, governments, and even the world represent the accumulation of the
                 strengths and characters of all its participating members. That is why the process of peacemaking should start out from the within of
                 an individual.

    3.17     To optimize the strength of foundation and power of peacemaking, it is, at least as equally important as the commonly discussed
                natural resource, to properly explored and fully utilize the inborn inner invisible natural resource of all individuals. Unfortunately, for
                most of people, this inborn inner invisible natural resource has been either underused, or misused, or abused, and even destroyed
                intentionally or unintentionally (see page… of reference 1).

    3.18     The need for and activities of fulfilling the matters of food and sex life display the beauty and ugliness of personal and social life.

        The above list of “what is life?” is just something obvious to all in daily life and living.  The length of such a list can be further extended

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