Conclusion on Sketch of Peacemaking
    - How to Initiate, Maintain and Sustain an Enduring Peaceful Relationship?

    6. Conclusion

           The need and activity for fulfilling the matters of food and sex life have displayed the beauty and ugliness of life; the same scenario
    will continue and last forever.  For survival, growth, and indefinite continuation, a continuous process of self-service has to be in place
    and in motion; without it, the health of life will be in danger of sickness and withering; life will run into its end and eventually its extinction.  

           To seek and materialize a long-lasting peace, of no choice, we have to realize and accept that the peace of large scale - global
    peace - comes from the accumulation of the peace of all its participating members.


    1.“What is life? - to live a controlled, realistic, happy life.” by James C. Lin, M.D; in 2010; of

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