A Brief on Life and Diseases                                                   James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    1.       The first step to change, adjust, and control our life is incite personal willingness and courage to realize, understand, and
             accept the available truth and facts of life.

    2.       Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity.

    3.        What we are today represents what we have been in the past and makes what we will be in the future. So, we are the
              accumulation of our own past, comprising how the way we were born, i.e., internal genetic factors and how the way we have
              been raised in the family, educated in schools, lived in the society, and experienced in jobs over lifetime - i.e., external
              acquired factors. Both form our personal unique quality and quantity of spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity,
              which we apply to interact with internal and external environments so to survive, grow, and unfold our life.

    4.       There has been no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is to work together and apply all currently available knowledge, skill,
              technology, medication, common sense, and wisdom in a  reasonable way at a reasonable time to a reasonable person.
              Then, we have to hope the possible best, move along, and blame no one else.

    5.        Every life event not only represents as a process of lifelong making but also displays over a pattern of full spectrum.

    6.        Despite constantly touting medical advance, all the medical care delivered today is still passive in action - not proactive - and
               still based on indirect evidence resulting from continual collection and analysis of experience.

    7.        As to reality of medicine, medical professionals cure nothing, but just modify something to a degree with or without
              medication or procedures.

    8.        Medical professionals have never cured anyone yet. At most and at best, they just merely apply currently available knowledge,
              use medication, perform procedure, and modify lifestyle to enhance and support the internal and external environment to
              optimize natural healing process for optimal  functional recovery with our own residual strength.

    9.        While we welcome and like the words such as perfect, best, excellent, free, cure, instant, guaranty, or special to soothe,
              numb, and please each other everyday, the scenes fitting these descriptive words have never existed in real life. In fact,
              everything we do in life has never been perfect but is always conditional, at most and at best, just reasonable.

    10.     The origin of unhappiness results from personal inability to capture and secure the sense of comfort and control of daily living
              because of lacking personal energy and ability to make good and right decision and to take good and right action so to rake in
              good and right outcome to meet and satisfy what we like, love, want, and need at a time in a location under a circumstance.
              Solution? Easy and simple for all willing souls. For detail, welcome to peruse some articles in www.formefirst.com and some
              chapters in What is Life? - to live a controlled, realistic, happy life.             

            11.     To an extent and in a sense, life is not as what glorified and beautified by political correctness and commercialism but a
             process of being pain in the neck and ache in the butt; aging itself is a form of handicap which inevitably and surely worsens
             over time.

    12.     Every daily life event always has its own two-layer background past, i.e., its underlying factors which are not what we can do
              and control to reverse our past and its own precipitating factors which may be within what we can do and control to modify our
              present and future. So, act now.

    13.     The surest means to materialize the dream to live a long happy life is high-quality direct self-service to nurture and cultivate our
              innate invisible natural resources. Direct self-service denotes do something for ourselves by ourselves; invisible natural
              resources, all the faculties that come with life.

    14.     Direct self-service - the Magic Pill for Life, consists of the following five ingredients of living:

              1)  Eat, enjoy, and control foods; don't let foods control us.

              2)  Conduct quality mental and physical exercise without overindulgence and obsession every single day.

              3)  Sleep 6-8 hours, preferably at night, every single day.

              4)  Mediate to reinforce spiritual and physical reconnection, and pray if religious.

              5)  Follow reasonable, realistic, medical advice as needed.

    15.     When we feel difficult to practice the high-quality direct self-service, please just mull over the following five points of reality - the
              Magic Pill to Push-up / over:

              1)  Nothing is free; everything comes with a price.

              2)  Only time and life are truly priceless and irreplaceable, and only the passage of both is forever not diamonds as
                    commercially promoted.

              3)  There is no better regimen for a long happy life than direct self-service as described above.

              4)  Drugs, procedures, sweet talks, and sympathy alone in the long run would not help us much, but empathy to understand
                    and accept the truth and facts of life plus timely actions to take the Magic Pill for Life to materialize the reality of life will, a lot.

                       5)  No one else can do for us, not sweet talk, sympathy, drug, or surgery, but ourselves.

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