Basic Facts of Life - Part 1

    The First Step to pursue A Long Happy Life is to Realize, Understand, and Accept the
    Available Truth and Facts of Life
    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. - an award-winning author

    The real secret in life is no secret, but down to the earth, to explore, discover, understand, and accept the available truth and facts
    of life; then constantly practice high-quality direct self-service and a longer happy living and life will naturally follow.

    The followings are the partial list of my lifelong experience and collection:

    1. Ultimate dream goal of life is to look nicer, feel better, and live longer.

    2. On course, life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity; to reality, it is not just
       a serious, tough, and rough business but also a constantly changing, adjusting, dynamic process of self-service.

    3. In life, nothing is free and everything comes with price; nothing is priceless but time and so is life; nothing lasts forever except
       time, space, and potentially religious eternal life.

    4. Everything we do about life and living is, always directly or indirectly, related with observing, collecting, analyzing, dissecting, and
        summarizing the activities in dealing with searching, improving, and perfecting the matters for food and sex life. Simply put,
        living a life is merely for two holes, consisting of the upper hole – oral opening to eat and drink for survival and growth and the
        lower hole – genital opening to copulate for procreation; then we hope we have a good time and a good life; eventually, in time
        we will die to eternity. That is life.

    5. Every act is driven by the sense of need for foods and sex life; it requires energy to display; direct self-service brings about
        energy; energy makes us able to act to fulfill the need for foods and sex life.

    6. The activities for foods and sex life have displayed the beauty and ugliness of life.

    7. Malfunction in distributing the resources for foods and sex life ferments chaos and eventually  rouses violence.

    8. Solution for unhappiness, chaos, and violence is to normalize the process of fair distribution of the power and resource for foods
        and sex, which will surely bring back peace in sight and alive.

    9. Relationship: The sense and wish for mutual benefit urge the involved parties to start building a relationship; an available
        platform filled with universal values to promote, modify, and fulfill the promise for mutual benefits ensures and keeps a
        relationship lasting. So, a relationship is intended to achieve a higher level of self-service, which individuals can not
        accomplish it if they live alone.  A relationship can be the one that you are with  your own life, spouse, family, friends, churches,
        companies, schools, organizations, institutions, country, and the world.

    10. Dissatisfaction is the motive for betterment; it forges need; need urges action; action displays value and brings in what we
          need, like, love, and want, but not at the expense of others’ pain, suffering, and loss.

    11. To keep harmony at work, we should never get what we like, love, want, and need at the expense of others’ pain, suffering and

    12. Energy (or functional reserve) comes from quality direct self-service, which no one can do for us.

    13. We are the accumulation of our own past, including the way we are born, that is, internal genetic factors, and the ways we are
          raised up in the family, educated, lived, and experienced over lifetime, that is, external acquired factors;the interaction between
          internal and external factors forms personal unique spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity, which we rely on to unfold
          an active vibrant life.

    14. An ideal life is to be active and vibrant and to look nicer, feel better, and live longer; to accomplish that, we need to be able to
          deliver and display a continual flow of actions.

    15. In reality, no life event has been perfect, best, excellent, guaranteed, free, and instant; but it is just reasonable at a time and a
          place  under a circumstance to a  person.

    16. It is wise and beneficial to do something under our control now and not to waste our time to think, worry, and talk about those
          beyond our control, such as our past because we cannot do anything about it.

    17. The path of life is same for all, dotted with the scenes of being born, growing up, getting old, experiencing sickness and illness,
          and eventfully dying to eternity.

    18. Anything happens to us along the path of life will stay with us forever, leave its spiritual and physical marks, and, sooner or later,
          reflect somewhere sometimes down the path of life. Therefore, always be aware of what everything we do now.

    19. There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that is to work together and apply all currently available knowledge, skill,
          technology, medication, and common sense at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable person. Then we hope
          the possible best and we have to move along.

    20. More than 60% of power for longevity comes from lifestyle leading to self-preservation, not from medical care, which only
          contributes less than 10%.

    21. A disease is the expression of ending result of lifelong interaction between our internal genetic factors and external acquired

    22. A disease is a process of not just lifelong making but also full spectrum; in time acute sickness emerges and, at the end,
          chronic illness follows; then functional reserve declines, gradually the living ability ceases, and finally we die to eternity and into
          the endless recycles of nature.

    23. A disease is the speaking-out of our body, “Enough. That is enough.” to us. Please always graciously understand, realize,    
          accept, and respect the truth and facts of life and take personal responsibility; there is no one else to blame but ourselves.

    24. The cause of a disease always consists of TWO aspects (or layers):
          a. its underlying causes, which are the accumulation of ill effects from inevitable aging process and controllable lifestyle, and
          b. its precipitating causes such as accidents, surgery, medication, pain, positioning, anxiety, etc., which are what medical
                        professionals can adjust and modify to allow our body to undertake its self-healing process.

    25. Our body possesses a tremendous power of self-healing, which is constantly at work. To keep it working at its best, we have to
          maintain an optimal state of mental and physical health through the effort of self-care and direct self-service, leading to
          self-preservation – the key to a long happy life.

    26. Patients seek medical attention to their sickness at the time after they have experienced and accumulated an enough amount
          of personal inconvenience, embarrassment, and suffering.  

    27. To achieve the best possible care in medicine and life, we should all work together, mobilize all potential, available resources
          not just from the inside of ourselves but also from the outside of anyone and anything around us, and then apply all currently
          available knowledge, skills, technology, medications, and common sense at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a
          reasonable patient. But remember: Not at the expense of others’ pain, suffering, and loss.

    28. For a lasting peace, we should respect and observe the code of honor, that is, not to get what we like, want, love, and need
          through manipulating others’ greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of mental, physical, occupational, political, or
          administrative power and the disguises of deception under hidden agenda.

         Extracted from "What is Life? To Live A Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life" - an award-winning book
    by James C. Lin, M.D.; all rights reserved.

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