About Education...

    Building high strength and quality character to assure personal survival and growth and to maintain social harmony and prosperity should
    be the ultimate goal of education.  The process of education takes many forms at home, in school and in society to accomplish this.

    Regardless of what forms of education are taken, the most down-to-earth approach, in my view, is still how to nurture and fully utilize
    whatever come along with life - invisible natural resources.  

    To address the feasibility and practicability of this approach, I wrote the following three articles to share with all interested parties. I wish
    some individuals, institutions, and organizations will consider and take my proposal seriously to raise and educate our next generations
    to come successfully.

    1.   An Urgent Need to Explore Invisible Natural Resources
           - For detail, click Invisible Natural Resources

    2.   A Dream Proposal for All and to Parents, Educators, Researchers of Social  
          Science, Medical Science, Health Care,... - For detail, click A Dream Proposal

    4.   To an ideal completeness of a person, please refer to (click) What Is Life?...

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